In the present education scenario, when the academic institutions and universities around the world are moving towards flipped classrooms, NEGSAT offers a solution to help academics and academician use animated/video/multimedia e-learning content. Students can get a quick understanding of the concepts described in an interesting manner in the e-learning video created by us. Once students are ready with the understanding obtained with our creative videos, teachers will be free to use experiential learning and engaging activities in the classroom.

FLIPit is one of our innovative turn-key service using which teachers/instructors/faculty members can get animated/video/multimedia content. We will use your powerpoint slides or audio recording to create e-learning content for you and your students.

How FLIPit works


1. Register in our FLIPit portal.
2. Upload your Power-point slides or audio recording of your lectures in the prescribed format.
3. In case you have a storyboard in your mind for your material, please feel free to upload that too.

Or just email the audio recording or power-point slides and your storyboard (optional) to flipit@negsat.com

What will you receive?

1. You will receive about 20% of your submitted material as a sample first. You can suggest changes and confirmation, proceed to do the payment online using our portal.
2. The charges/fee will depend on the duration of the e-learning content/video and complexity of the storyboard. We will confirm it with you after receiving your order/approval.
3. After we receive the payment, you will get the 100% e-learning content in your desired format. You will be ready to flip your classroom now.

We are waiting to talk to you about FLIPit and to discuss what more we can do more for you so that you can be more effective and efficient in your teaching profession. Feel free to contact us http://negsat.com/contact/