NEGSAT is launching Brand Ambassadors Program (BAP)


NEGSAT is launching Brand Ambassadors Program (BAP)

A team of brand ambassadors (BAs) is being created. BAs will promote our brand and our solutions using their network. A unique incentive scheme will be launched where the ambassadors will receive both financial and non-financial rewards for their support based on their contribution and results. Anyone can become our brand ambassadors who has an interest in education, training, career and skill development (ETCS).

FIVE FOR LIFE for Our Brand Ambassadors.

The BAs will receive five percent share of the revenue generated by their refereed client for the life time as long as their refereed clients continue to generate revenues. E.g. A brand ambassador plays a critical role in the adoption of one of our solution to an organization (e.g. coaching institute or University). If the continuous use of the solution by the organization will generate a monthly revenue for us, the BA will receive monthly five percent share in the revenue we receive as long as the organization remains our client.


If you want to be in the BAP, please feel free to write to us with full details about you and your reasons to be in the BAP. Also include how can you help as our brand ambassador.

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