PREPCHECK is an innovative way to test/assess the level of preparation of individuals for the school/college level exams, entrance examinations for jobs and admissions in professional programs. The aspired individuals will have access to different sections of mock tests or full mock tests. In addition, there will be option for descriptive/essay-based assessments also.

Innovative features in this solution will help individuals finding their level of preparation, weaker areas which need further strengthening. It will also provide ranking of individuals as compared to others who take a similar test.

PREPCHEK will help individuals preparing for public entrance/selection exams

Examples of the exams where PREPCHECK can help are:

• Admission exams for professional programs, e.g. medicine, engineering, management, law, accounting programs in the Universities.
• Global exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE etc.
• Exams for public services recruitment in some countries like Bank probationary officers, civil service, military services, UGC NET JRF etc.