We have a portfolio of solutions for our corporate clients. These are targeted to improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in appraisals, selection and recruitment, training, learning and development of human resources.

    Performance Appraisal

    • We offer an innovative virtual platform for conducting a periodic performance appraisal of employees on various customizable parameters.
    • Our competitive edge is the updated knowledge bank on various industries and current trends. The knowledge bank can be used to customize the assessments, and also, as a resource for learning and development of employees.
    • Using our updated solutions which are aligned with the current trends and developments across different industries globally, our clients can evaluate the knowledge, level of commitment and enthusiasm of employees related to the industry or their specific area of work and responsibilities.
    • We can partner to produce and conduct assessments and appraisals using our unique online solutions.

    Campus Recruitments

    Our solutions offer platform, knowledge bank and resources to design and conduct assessments for the applicants. Our associations with the academic institutions will further help all the stakeholders involved in the campus recruitment process.

    Learning and Development

    It is critical to the success of organizations to improve the knowledge and expertise of employees on latest trends and to enhance an awareness of latest technology, tools and regulations in the industry. Our solutions will help our clients and users to find the gaps in their knowledge, and learn, both virtually (online) and Face 2 Face (offline).

    Research Consultancy

    • We offer support in carrying customized surveys and obtaining insightful reports. We will provide a complete solution for the critical issues related to different areas and challenges faced by corporates.
    • We will also help in developing creative and attractive presentations for clients using innovative technologies.

    E-Learning modules and management development program

    We can provide readymade and customized e-learning modules in various subjects using interactive and multimedia technology. Customized training program for the executives and management development programs for managers will also be available.

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