CATT is Critical & Analytical Thinking Tool – It is an innovative 360 Degree, 24×7 customized Training and Development (T & D) Program for developing critical & analytical thinking skills in individuals. It works with SWOT. SWOT is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats – a method to analyse an individual characteristics and market characteristics together.

Choosing a Right Career has become a difficult task in today’s globally competitive environment. Mismatch of individual competency with the chosen career lands individuals in a very critical situation and leads to dissatisfaction and underutilization of inherent talent and capacities for entire life.

Here at NEGSAT (Next Generation Skills Analytics and Testing Private Limited) our team has developed a Research Based Analytical Test to MAP individuals “Strengths, their Weaknesses, with the Opportunities to explore and Expected Threats” for a Successful career.

We offer a Research Based Scientific Testing to create a Detailed Career Report of the Students and Working Executives. This help Aspiring Youths and Working Executives chose the best career or take a right career move.

Our solution caters to students and executives:

10th grade/secondary students – We offer help to decide stream/disciplines for high school/senior secondary grades

12th grade/high school/senior secondary students – We offer help to decide whether to go for higher studies to Universities or colleges, help students in selecting streams and Universities and colleges where they can apply, or counsel them to find out whether they should prepare for Competitive Examinations for jobs.

Undergraduate/graduate/postgraduate students – We provide report one SKILLS GAPS and Best Career/specializations/areas based on their existing skills and competencies.

• CATT offers help to working executives in finding the gaps, which once filled, will help in accelerating their Career Growth.