We are here to cater to different institutions: Schools, Universities and Coaching Centers

Transforming education by helping individuals, groups and communities to reassess the purpose of school and their approaches to learning and teaching is our key objective. Our vision is to see all young people becoming holistic learners while focusing on the discipline areas. By helping develop learning communities through a process of critical thinking and enquiry, we can foresee the transformation in education into a practical, fulfilling and culturally relevant entity. This vision will be a reality using our solutions and services.


Career Workshops

Satisfying student’s curiosity about the various career options is vital. It will help them to decide the best career for them based on their interest, competencies and long-term industry needs. We offer group sessions, conducted by our experts to help the school students to choose the best career for them.

Our team offers career workshops in both the modes: face-to-face and virtually. We can create a detailed scientific assessment reports online and offline for all participants.

We offer the following types of career workshops:
1. Stream-wise (Commerce / Science / Humanities in a batch of 30-40 participants)
2. Cross-stream wise (Mix up of all three streams in a batch of 30-40 participants)
3. Outdoor activities (Career games and related activities in groups)
4. One to One mentoring sessions (Students along with parents)

Our focus shall be to counsel the students to become an ethical and socially responsible individual along with being a successful professional in their desired career.

Competitive Exams Preparation for Students

Along with the classroom study, we believe the school students should start preparing for the competitive examinations early, without disturbing their regular studies. We offer complete module for the students at all levels starting from VIth grade to XIIth grade. We have both readymade and customized lessons for the students. The modules are in ablended mode which includes – Virtual and face-to-face sessions.

Teachers/Faculty Development Program (TDP/FDP)

We offer both offline and online training sessions on latest technology and trends to adopt innovative InformationTechnology backed teaching and learning methods. Further, benchmarking the best approaches to global teaching and pedagogy, we will help educational institutions in skill development of teachers and faculty members in the use of the project-based learning, collaborative learning, experiential learning and using the flipped classroom approaches.

Students Skills Assessment

Using our innovative virtual assessment platform, institutions can assess their students’ general and discipline based knowledge to prepare detailed assessment reports.

SWOT Analysis

Our SWOT analysis tool will help students understand their strong and weak areas. Using the reports of this tool, users can access our pool of experts in the selected domains who will help users to develop their strong areas further, and to transform gradually their weaknesses to strengths.


The E-Learning modules supported by the live interactive sessions shall be prepared for the students. These modules shall be both for Competitive Exam Preparations and Regular Academic Subjects.

Some e-learning modules we offer are:
• Current Affairs
• Latest Technological Developments
• Career Awareness and workshops